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I'm collaborating with two UK charities to limit the environmental impact of my business,
and upcoming tour dates.


A London-based charity that supports the creative community to act on climate change and environmental sustainability. Read about them 
here . They’ve been a sounding board on all things related to sustainability, and will be helping me and the promoters do the following:

• Recycling paper, cardboard, glass, aluminium and steel 

• Buying local, seasonal and organic food in minimal packaging
• Only asking for what we need, not what we want

• Composting or donating any unused food

• Avoiding polystyrene cups

• Using refillable water bottles and recycling plastic ones



Energy Revolution supports artists to reduce tour travel emissions where possible, and balance unavoidable emissions through investment in projects that generate clean renewable energy, and which also have a wealth of positive social impacts. Read more here.
We'll aim to:


• Use as little fuel in our touring vehicles as possible by driving smarter; limiting use of A/C,
switching the engine off when parked or stopped in heavy traffic

• Balance fuel consumption and CO2 emissions with the funding of projects that generate clean, renewable energy. We’re essentially giving ourselves a pollution tax which will help fund projects such as community solar power in the UK and wind power generation and reforestation in India




• My t-shirts use 100% organic cotton and only water-based inks that are both friendly to the environment and entirely solvent free. I'm working with my merchandise supplier to make sure whatever I manufacturer puts the environment first wherever possible 

• We work with GZ Media  - an FSC Certified manufacturer - to produce our CDs and vinyl.  

• My CDs will be using softpack packaging, so no plastic is involved

• All LPs will be made using recycled vinyl pellets

• 'Birthplace' artwork print will be manufactured using recycled offset paper stock